Chairpersons Message

Diane Rotondelli, PDG

Welcome to the Rotary District 7505 Gift of Life Foundation website. We invite you to take a look around to see what our Foundation has done over the years and recently. All of the work and missions that we have and are in the process of completing could never have been accomplished without the generous support of Rotarians in Rotary District 7505 which is made up of Central and Southern New Jersey. We are also fortunate to have partnerships and support of many non-Rotarians and businesses that enable us to complete our simple vision statement of:

"A Healthy Heart for Every Child"

Our mission is to provide free medical services to children in developing counties suffering from congenital heart defects, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, or national origin who without our help would certainly die at a young age.

We hope that you would join us in our mission to bring hope to children and families that had none. The programs we support enable Medical Teams of doctors, nurses, and technicians to provide advanced training and equipment in pediatric cardiopulmonary surgery in their own country to establish a sustainable program to enable them to become self-sufficient in caring for the hundreds of children with cardiac problems. Rotary District 7505 Gift of Life Foundation, Inc is a registered 501c(3) charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Diane Rotondelli, PDG
Rotary District 7505 Gift of Life Foundation