Phillippines Mission 3

The need is so great and the resources are so limited that shortly after their return from the second mission to the Phillippines, Rotary District 7500, Gift of Life International, Inc. and the Duke University Medical Center Cardiac Surgery Team begain the extensive planning necessary to mount a third mission back to the Phillipines. After months of planning and acquiring the necessary equipment, the third team was ready and on September 21, 2014 they arrived in Manila ready to go.

During this mission, the team operated on 10 children and successfully performed Intervention Insertion of Specialized Catherization Devices on 45 additional children.

Upon arrival children were waiting to be evaluated.

District 7500 Rotarian Diane Rotondelli soon became known as Mama Diane to the children.

The oldest child operated on was 16.

The nine person medical team saved his life.

Rotarians Bill Donnelly and Diane Rotondelli performed many tasks both in and out of operating room. Thanks for the photos Bill.

The Duke University Medical Center Surgeons use their skills to save the life of another child.

It takes a dedicated team to successfully perform this extremely delicate surgery.

To achieve another happy ending!